AFL works with aircraft and engine leasing companies and manufacturers, to optimise airline fleet requirements and place new and used aircraft and engines successfully.

Acting as corporate partners to a preferred group of specialist lessors, we apply industry knowledge and leverage long-term relationships with manufacturers, operators and financial institutions world-wide, to assist them in the completion of complex transactions.

Global network

AFL specialises in the strategic placement of new and used assets throughout the global airline network.

We are trusted for our insight and the professional business relationships with carriers that we have honed over many years. If an airline or lessor has assets to sell, or a manufacturer has factory-new equipment and is unsure where to place it – AFL has a vast network of ‘buyers and sellers’ that can be accessed for mutual advantage.

Key support includes:

Aircraft sourcing, acquisition and placement
Engine sourcing, acquisition and placement
Structuring finance
Transitioning of assets
Board reports
Advice on complex fleet issues and strategy